Do you want to describe your IT system quickly and easily?

Learn how to create your system models with UML using Q-Modelino and benefit from built-in best practices. Q-Modelino is a collaborative modelling platform with built-in wizards and templates that make your life easier. Learn to get good results quickly and reliably and to consider all the important aspects of modelling. From the models, you can easily generate initial mock-ups to be able to directly experience your system. In this way, you can recognise errors at an early stage and thus keep tabs on your project.

Improve development processes with Q-Modelino

10 steps to successful modelling

We guide you in ten simple steps to a consistent and complete system description. For more information, click on the individual steps or the corresponding text fields in the following graphic.

Q-Modelino 10 Schritte Fraunhofer FOKUS

Success Stories

By using Q-Modelino, it was possible to create easily understandable, precisely tailored system models in various projects and to achieve high-quality project results. You can find more information on concrete application examples here.