We improve your development processes

In the Q-Modelino team, highly motivated engineers with broad technological backgrounds have come together to improve the quality of development processes, products and data. In our work, we focus on the challenges and needs of our customers. We provide our methods and tools for system development and work together to develop custom-fit solutions.

We analyse development environments and look at the degree of automation, we look at the interaction within teams and the exchange of data between tools. After an individual analysis, we show how the quality of the software, the development processes and the data can be increased in order to save time and also development costs.

We use modern methods and techniques, especially from the field of model-driven software development. In addition to creating a common understanding of the software, code and test cases can also be generated quickly and easily directly from models. Q-Modelino, an innovative tool, starts exactly here. It can be easily integrated into existing development processes. We use it for requirements management, traceability, model transformation or even code and document generation.