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Modernisation of federal budgetary procedures Mirko Kuzmanovic/ iStock

Modernisation of federal budgetary procedures

The Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF) is modernising and digitising the budgetary procedures (preparation of the federal budget, revenue procedures, etc.) of the federal government. One subtask in the modernisation is the creation of a common understanding of the federal budget in the form of a specialised model that describes the individual parts of the budget in a metamodel. The aim was to describe the concepts of the budget, cash and accounting system (HKR) at a higher level of abstraction, independent of a platform and programming language. With Q-Modelino, the components of the specialised model were identified and refined. With the help of this specialised model, all those involved in the modernisation of budgetary procedures can analyse requirements, specifications and functionalities on a common basis and implement them in a verifiable manner. In addition, parts of the specialised model were provided with a level of detail that enables executability in the form of mock-ups and prototypes.