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Higher software quality through requirements modelling istockphoto/ malerapaso

Higher software quality through requirements modelling

When developing extensive and distributed IT systems, the correct implementation of the required functionalities is crucial. Major challenges can arise even at this early stage, e.g., in the modelling of requirements that are placed on the software to be developed. For the real use and operation of such systems, non-functional requirements (NFR) are critical to success in addition to functional requirements.

For a public administration client, we supported a tendering process with Q-Modelino. Q-Modelino was used to model requirements and capture business processes. One objective was to include quality features in the form of non-functional requirements at an early stage. We were able to support the customer in creating more detailed tenders with greater coverage of non-functional aspects. In particular, the structured approach by Q-Modelino led to a significant increase in the quality of the requirements creation, taking into account non-functional components of the systems. Another success factor for the customer was a higher degree of description reuse for non-functional system requirements. The possibility of web-based, cooperative working with the help of Q-Modelino made it easy and straightforward to involve subject matter experts in the requirements elicitation.